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Epiphany, then it came to me that day.
  Love with all your heart and you can hate the same way.
Hence the dragon inside was born
   My whole state of mind was in half - it got torn
Unleashed the hate and the power I wield
   But the love deeper kept the darkness sealed

Ladies and Gentleman, my spirit animal.


Where will you be when your lust has faded?
Where will you be when your life is jaded?
Will your sacrifices show prominence,
While you struggle and always fight for dominance -
Trying to fill a hole that will always be bottomless-
Drudging through life by the day
Forced to live with knowing the way
A life was changed and broken down
For a one-shot time around the town
Trust is earned, then broken and shattered
Making the moves that you though would matter
Saying all the words that seek to flatter

In the end, only one casualty was ripped and scattered.

I gave you all but you just kept me burning
           You just kept me burning

This will not be relieved no more
     This will not be suppressed no more
At least give the illusions back
         For a sweeter outcome than this

It’s interesting how I’m now finding songs directly correlating to a plethora of events occurring to me. Huh.

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